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20.09.2018 | Controllersday: Digital Transformation

On Thursday, September 20 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of BIMAC. We welcomed national and international guest speakers that shared their experience and thoughts on the impact of digitalization in the finance department. During this seminar we focused on the digital transformation for the financial and business controller.

With guest speakers: Prof. dr. Bob de Wit (Professor of Strategic Leadership, Nyenrode Business University), Saskia Van Uffelen (CEO, Erickson Belux), Frank Van Bouwel (CorPeuM), Tom Hendrickx (Agfa Graphics) and Thierry Bruyneel (Delaware). 

Thanks to our Foundation Partner: Aexis
In close collaboration with our Event PartnersDelawareIBMBoard 

19.04.2018 | Automation for controllers

For the evening seminar “Automation for Controllers” BIMAC worked together with their Industry Partner Unilin. We provided the visitors with insights into “Robotics process automation (RPA)” and “Automated budgeting & forecasting tools” for controllers.

During the first academic session of the evening, we provided our visitors with an introduction on “RPA” : What are the capabilities of RPA technology? What forms of RPA exist? What is the future of RPA? What other automation options are there? Unilin also shared a few examples of their automated finance processes. – by Frederik Bocklandt | Finance PMO & Process Improvements Director  @ Unilin 

During the second academic session, a BIMAC guest speaker gave a presentation about budgeting and forecasting automation tools. The central question of the presentation: “What is important in using automated tools to speed up you budget process?” Baudin Galaiev, Founding Partner @ XB4 Consultingexplained how organizations as Gartner and Nucleus make research on budgeting and forecasting tools and highlighted the most important elements for the finance community as end user.

29.01.2018 | Soft skills seminar

For the first seminar of 2018, Bimac invited Dirk De Corte, Managing Partner of Improvement. The topic of this Soft skills seminar was “Communicate efficiently and effectively from your own communication style and preference.”

In an interactive workshop the visitors were introduced to the DISC  behavioral  model. By using this model, everyone gained insights into their own communication preferences and those of others.

14.12.2017 | Year- end event

Bimac invited Jurgen Ingels for the 2017 Year-end event. It was an inspiring evening with a fabulous dinner.
For those who want to remember or missed the event, please find below the 10 key messages on which Jurgen inspired us:

1. Software development will move from proprietary to open source in a growing pace
2. Continuously learning is the norm
3. Focus on Talent and develop it further
4. Hiring employees will move towards buying specific skills when needed
5. Real time experiences / answers are being expected as normal
6. 3D printing will overwhelm traditional manufacturing and have a huge impact on the economy (logistics , …)
7. The Quantum computing technology will replace our current desktop / laptop computing technology and permit fast growth of Artificial Intelligence
8. Block chain will eliminate the middleman
9. The Law of well known economist Ricardo will become reality
10. Squeezing time : focus on those elements which permit time reduction in our activities in order to increase our efficiency

23.11.2017 | Controllers for controllers

For the second last seminar of 2017, we went to Brewery De Koninck in Antwerp. During our Controllers for controllers seminar Vittorio Vercammen (EMAsphere), Nicolas Lassen (KPMG), Armand Khajakian (XB4 Consulting) and Frank Van Bouwel (CorPeuM) gave us their insights on Management Reporting aligned with Financial Consolidation.