In order to allow us accomplishing our mission, we work in close collaboration with our partners and sponsors. To allow companies working with us in the most convenient way, we worked out a set of partner & sponsorship formula’s: Foundation Partners, Industry Partners and Gold event PartnersIf you are interested in one of these partnerships, please contact our administration office:

Foundation Partnership

Foundation Partners are closely involved in the working of BIMAC. Our partners are asked for input in the composition of the event calendar and they are regularly invited to board-meetings. A foundation partnership includes 3 memberships valid for one year and 5 wild-cards per event. The partner gains extra visibility as it is mentioned on our website and in every BIMAC mailing and brochure. A sponsor stand is provided for each event. Furthermore, partners are invited to share vacancies and events with our community by publishing them on our website and Linked-In page.

If you are interested in this partnership please contact our administration office:

We hope to welcome you soon.
The BIMAC management team

Foundation Partners

Aexis -

Aexis is a true Business Intelligence Company. More than 30 years of experience as an independent BI expert allows the company to take a unique position in the market of BI solution providers. Thanks to their extended knowledge-base, high-end technology and a client-responsive staff, they provide the solutions that offer the highest added value for your company.


BOARD’s unified Decision-Making Platform provides unmatched capabilities by combining BI, Advanced Analytics, and Planning in one single solution. While other BI and Planning software packages are limited to specific activities, rely on consultants for the smallest change, and require the addition of modules to gain extra functionality, BOARD features some of the best data visualization tools available alongside in-depth planning and forecasting functionality, providing users with a consistent, self-service, fully integrated approach to reporting, analysis, simulation, and planning.

Deloitte -

With over 150 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, Deloitte has grown in scale and diversity: over 286,000 people in 150 countries providing audit, tax, legal, financial advisory, risk advisory, and consulting services.

Industry Partnership

With our Industry Partnership, we focus on companies with an extensive finance department. As Industry Partner, all finance professionals (max. 8 and explicitly named) become member of BIMAC. The partner gains extra visibility & participation within the association. More specific;

All employees of the Industry Partner within his finance department become a member of BIMAC vzw, limited to 8 people. These employees gain:

  • a membership – each valid for one year; this implies;
    • free participation in all evening & afternoon seminars
    • possibility to subscribe to our full day event at 50% discount
    • free login to our website to download files from a library of numerous presentations and documents

The industry partner gains:

  • extra visibility by mentioning of its logo on the BIMAC website, brochures and events
  • the possibility to use the BIMAC website and Linked-In page as a digital channel to publish vacancies
  • participation in the composition of the event calendar for the upcoming calendar year
  • the possibility to organize a seminar on their company location

If you are interested in this partnership please contact our administration office:

We hope to welcome you soon.
The BIMAC management team

Industry Partners

Industry Partner: Unilin -

UNILIN produces laminate floors (worldwide known as Quick-step), engineered wood, vinyl floors, boards, decorative panels, finished products, roofing elements and insulation panels. The company forms part of the American company MOHAWK INDUSTRIES, INC., which is listed on the New York stock exchange. UNILIN stands for (r)evolution. Thanks to continuous innovation, investing in design, research & development and the latest technologies, their divisions have developed into top players. Their success is based on the UNILIN spirit underlying their mission: “we create beautiful and convenient quality products for your home”.

Industry Partner: Kinepolis -

Kinepolis Group is a Belgian cinema chain which was formed in 1997. Kinepolis Group has a chain of 49 cinemas spread across Belgium, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland. Kinepolis has extended the traditional cinema experience to a broader world of film and entertainment, and offers its audience maximum flexibility in the choice of when, where, and how to enjoy its program. Kinepolis wants to give visitors ‘the ultimate movie experience’ and, to that end, combines a state-of-the-art cinema infrastructure with a tailor-made offering for various target groups.

Industry Partner: Water-link -

Water-link is the integral water company of Antwerp and seven municipalities in the city region. As the largest water producer in Flanders, water-link serves three market segments: the residential market, the industrial market and other water companies.

Event Partner

  • Become a Gold partner at our yearly full day seminar.
  • Become a Gold partner at one of our afternoon-seminars.

If you are interested in this partnership please contact our our administration office:

We hope to welcome you soon.
The BIMAC management team

Job offerings from our partners


Aexis is looking for:

Junior Account Manager
Junior Business Intelligence Consultants
Consultant Junior en Solutions de Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Solutions Consultant
Business Intelligence Solutions Consultant Healthcare

Click here to go the Aexis job offerings.

No upcoming events from our partners