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26/10/20235 success ingredients for a data driven sustainability strategyMyriam Broeders - CTO Microsoft Belgium-LuxembourgPresentationEnglishESG / Sustainability reportingDownload | View
26/10/2023European Sustainability
Reporting Standards
Fredré FerreiraPresentationEnglishESG / Sustainability reportingDownload | View
26/10/2023From Sustainability Strategy to ESG reportingKaren BensPresentationEnglishESG / Sustainability reportingDownload | View
26/10/2023ESG impact on sharevalue-PresentationEnglishESG / Sustainability reportingDownload | View
21/06/2023AI for FinanceVarious presentorsPresentationEnglishAI for finance a buzzword or realityDownload | View
23/03/2023Workshop Building Mental ResilienceVeronique Streekstra, Tamara BaviusPresentationDutchStress , Burn Out and home working in the Finance Department : what , why and how to handleDownload | View
23/03/2023Mentaal Gezonds WerkenThijs LaunspachPresentationDutchStress , Burn Out and home working in the Finance Department : what , why and how to handleDownload | View
23/03/2023Digitaliation - Stress factor or relieverBusiness Partnering InstitutePresentationEnglishStress , Burn Out and home working in the Finance Department : what , why and how to handleDownload | View
03/12/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 9Wim GielisExcel File 1EnglishControllers Day Webinar 9Download | View
03/12/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 9Wim GielisPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 9Download | View
19/11/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 7IBM Analytics - NTT GlobalPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 7Download | View
09/11/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 6Numlix - Anaplan at CargillPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 6Download | View
28/10/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 5Board - Cullen InternationalPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 5Download | View
22/10/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 4Vena - DelawarePresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 4Download | View
20/10/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 3Prophix - Senior Living GroupPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 3Download | View
01/10/2020Controllers Day 2020 - webinar 1Kristof StouthuysenPresentationEnglishControllers Day Webinar 1Download | View
23/01/2020Soft Skills Seminar 2020Annick HeymanPresentationEnglishSoft Skills Seminar 2020Download | View
17/12/2019Year End Event 2019Ann DesenderPresentationEnglishLet’s celebrate 2019Download | View
17/12/2019Year End Event 2019Jo CaudronPresentationEnglishLet’s celebrate 2019Download | View
19/09/2019Finance teams today & tomorrowIne MeeussenPresentationEnglishAutomation for ControllersDownload | View
19/09/2019Finance teams today & tomorrowLuc VerstraetePresentationEnglishAutomation for ControllersDownload | View
19/09/2019Finance teams today & tomorrowMarc CoppensPresentationEnglishAutomation for ControllersDownload | View
26/06/2019EPM in volatile times - Is Finance in the Lead?Rikard OlssonPresentationEnglishControllersday 2019Download | View
26/06/2019EPM in volatile times - Is Finance in the Lead?Michel HoflandPresentationEnglishControllersday 2019Download | View
26/06/2019EPM in volatile times - Is Finance in the Lead?Alex Van Der KoojPresentationEnglishControllersday 2019Download | View
26/06/2019EPM in volatile times - Is Finance in the Lead?Michiel Van NieuwenhuijzenPresentationEnglishControllersday 2019Download | View
26/06/2019EPM in volatile timesOrdinaPresentationEnglishControllersday 2019Download | View
24/01/2019Social Technologies in FinanceIsabel De ClercqPresentationEnglishSoft Skills Event 2019Download | View
13/12/2018The Growth Story of Kinepolis GroupNicolas De ClercqPresentationEnglishDownload | View
13/12/2018The Founder's MentalityGeert Scheipers
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
15/11/2018From Group Controller to Intelligence OfficerSam Van RoosbroeckPresentationEnglishDownload | view
15/11/2018From Controller to Intelligence OfficerSven Arnauts
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
15/11/2018From Controller to Intelligence OfficerOlivier MangelschotsPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/09/2018Peformance ManagementFrank Van Bouwel
Tom Hendrickx
Agfa Graphics
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/09/2018IBM Analytics LifecylcePeter De GeusPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/09/2018Digital TransformationBob de WitPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/09/2018Finance Office of the FutureThierry Bruyneel
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/09/2018People Are AnalogDirk RemaclePresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/01/2018Soft Skill SeminarieDirk De CortePresentationDutchDownload | View
01/01/2018Soft Skill SeminarieDirk De CortePresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/01/2018Soft Skill SeminarieDirk De CorteWorkbookDutchDownload | View
02/06/2016Changing LandscapeMichiel SteemanPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/06/2016Supply Chain Finance Research, developments and outlook in the NetherlandsMartijn SiebrandPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/06/2016Towards Inclusive Supply Chain FinanceDouwe Lycklama
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/06/2016Disruptive business models: What's the impact on your Working Capital and Corporate FinancingJos FeyaertsPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/06/2016Trade DigitalisationThomas PeetersPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/06/2016How Digital Platforms Support Supply Chain FinanceJos FeyaertsPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/05/2016HoogstratenJan KenisPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/05/2016Hospital CareEric DewaetPresentationDutchDownload | View
01/05/2016RŽeflexions sur l'aboration budgŽtaire d'un h™pitalNancy Laporte
CHR Citadelle
PresentationFrenchDownload | View
01/05/2016Transformatie van de zorg
Impact op accounting & control
Pieter Van HerckPresentationDutchDownload | View
01/05/2016Informatiebeveiliging in de zorgPeter BergmansPresentationDutchDownload | View
01/04/2016Budgetting ForecastingB4 ConsultingPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/04/2016Automation for Controllers
Robotics Process Automation
Frederik BocklandtPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/04/2016IFRS - An OverviewKPMGPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016Can the controller get some creditJo Bolangier
Frank Cooreman
PresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016Coca ColaDiane RomboutsPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016Leverage the controller in a functional organization structureFabiaan Van VrekhemPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016Management in singularityStephan Van den BroeckPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016OntexJens LagastPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016The art of feedbackPeter LonkhuyzenPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/03/2016Controller as business partner
Transition or Coexistence
Robert ReigPresentationEnglishDownload | View
01/02/2016Generation XYZPedro De BruyckerePresentationEnglishDownload | View
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