Soft Skills Seminar

Public speaking , live & on screen (1/2)

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First of 2 seminars on this must relevant topic. Second session planned on 25 march

February 2, 2021
6:30 pm


8:00 pm


You want to gain and retain audience attention ??
You’re interested in how to effectively use interaction, body language, and voice-techniques for optimal communication ??
Being able to comfortably pitch and give a presentation online and offline sounds great ??
You want to discover some effective and hands-on tips on how to tune in on the communication with others ??
You want to communicate so that others really hear you and get the message ??




Stefanie Van Moen is the founder and speakers’ coach at Vox Consult.

She coaches entrepreneurs, managers, and public speakers to speak with more confidence and impact.

Stefanie is a guest lecturer at EMS, KULeuven, UCLL, and UAntwerpen where she teaches about public speaking, communication strategies, and presentation skills.

Her latest book ‘Spreken met impact’ was published by Lannoo in October 2020.
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