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Each year BIMAC organizes a year end dinner event with a CFO as guest speaker.

The objective of BIMAC is to share the experience of a peer finance leader with the BIMAC friends and members.

Guests in the past were: Werner Bruggeman, Bruno Colmant, Jurgen Ingels, Nicolas De Clercq, and many others.

In 2019 Bimac has invited Ann Desender, CFO at Barco. Ann will highlight her finance organization and explain which challenges Barco encounters in a healthy growing period.



Ann started her professional career as an auditor at Anderson (now Deloitte), where she stayed for 12 years before becoming group controller at Unilin in 2006.
In 2008 she started at Barco as VP of corporate finance and became VP of finance in 2011. Since 2016 she is the Chief Financial Officer.
Ann holds a degree in economics from Ghent University and followed the Advanced Management program at IESE Business School

Presentation: “Building a platform for sustainable profitable growth”

A throwback on the past 3 years, and a look ahead to the next 3 years. About strategy and strategy executions within Barco, and the role of Finance…

Since March 2019 Barco belongs to the Bel-20. Ann sets the bar high and has to make choices.

More about it in this article.



Jo Caudron, author of ‘De Wereld is rond’

Founder Partner of Duval Union Consulting

As digital entrepreneur for many years, Jo Caudron has enjoyed active involvement in more than 2 dozen digital companies.
For the past decade, he has worked as a transformation strategist. His innovation company, Duval Union Consulting, supports organisations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Jo also has several books to his name, each of which strive to be a source of inspiration for individuals, businesses and policy makers in these transformative times.

Book presentation: De wereld is rond.

This book goes beyond digital transformation. Industry has been changing under the impetus of digital disruption for more than 20 years.
Today, banks, retailers, the media, taxi firms and so many others can testify to the power of digital and the challenges they face.
Every sector faces its own perfect storm in which digital forces are compelling them to look for a new position.

But what if this is just the beginning? What if it transpires that searching for a future transformation plan exclusively from within one’s own industry is not enough?

Jo Caudron - Bimac Year End

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