Soft Skills Seminar

Leadership Skills – The Art Of Influencing & Delegation

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 BIMAC organizes an interactive workshop from about 2h about how to
communicate efficiently & how to shamelessly delegate as a manager.

The objective of BIMAC is to share the experience of a peer finance leader with the BIMAC friends and members.

For this event Bimac has invited Annick Heyman, Business Trainer & Coach at Heymotion.

January 23, 2020
6:00 pm


9:30 pm


Annick Heyman, Business Trainer & Coach @ Heymotion

Annick Heyman has a passion for leadership & communication. After a “first” career in HR & Sales, she became an International Certified NLP trainer at the University of California and founded her own company Hey!Motion in 2007, specialized in business training & coaching.
Afterwards she created 2 subsidiaries Hey!Leader and Hey!Lady to offer more specialized services to those 2 target audiences.

Annick Heyman
Bimac Soft Skill Seminar – Annick Heyman

Presentation: Getting things done

“How to shamelessly delegate to increase your personal & team efficiency”

‘I can do it better myself’, ‘They don’t do it my way’.
Learning how to delegate is one of your most important skills as a manager. But it is also one of the hardest things to accomplish.
It’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to become. The new style of leadership is about motivation and moving forward. By delegating you will motivate your team because they feel appreciated and trusted.  You will help them to become the best version of themselves!
Furthermore, as a leader you know the value of time. Time you can use for strategic thinking and other things your company pays you for.

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