Controllers Day Session 9

All you need to know when using MS Excel for planning and reporting with Wim Gielis

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Nineth session of the Controllers day with Wim Gielis, Microsoft Excel MVP.

December 3, 2020
12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Online - Zoom

Wim Gilies 

In this webinar Wim Gielis (former Microsoft Excel MVP) will pave the way towards reporting, budgeting and forecasting within Excel and its linked power tools. It will be a highly practical presentation with the use case of the company behind the app “Too good to go”. Wim draws on all his knowledge as a BI professional and Excel guru to learn you the strengths of the tools, how to use them and how to be more productive. He happily shares a lot of tips and tricks for daily use as a finance professional. Stir all this with a sauce of “fighting against food waste” and you are ready for this presentation !        

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