The Belgian Institute of Management Accountants and Controllers

For twenty years already, BIMAC vzw/asbl is the network of financial professionals active in Management Accounting & Control and Performance Management. is an initiative of BIMAC vzw/asbl.

Seminars, Workshops & Events

BIMAC organizes yearly one full day seminar and several afternoon & evening seminars about new developments and best practices in the domain of Management Accounting and Controlling. We work together with academic partners around the world and other national and international organizations to provide our members with high-level content. Additionally, we offer our members the possibility to network and learn from each other during informal networking activities.


Connect with peers & share knowledge

The knowledge section, which is only accessible for BIMAC members, contains an abundance of seminar and workshop presentations and other interesting material. If you want to connect with other members and gain access to all documents & more functionalities, we kindly ask you to create a login.
To create this login and constantly provide you with documents, we ask a contribution of 50 euros.

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What our members think

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